Preap Sovath

Preap Sovath (ព្រាប សុវត្ថិ) (also spelled Preap Savat) (born May 25, 1975) is a singer in Cambodia. He records for Cambodian production company Rasmey Hang Meas.

Preap Sovath performs the style of music known as "Khmer Karaoke", the name derives from the fact that most sales are of VCDs rather than CDs and all VCD film clips come with karaoke-style subtitled lyrics.
Preap Sovath generally eschews strictly traditional Khmer songs and musical styles, instead his music is modern style for Cambodia's youth. He performs on many televised anthology-style live concert programmes and holds residencies at Phnom Penh's nightclubs. He has also released a compilation album Do Re Mi with Kim Leakhena.

Live performances

Best of the Best: Live Concert is a concert performed annually since 2004 at a football(soccer) stadium by Cambodian singers including Raksmey Hang Meas and Preap Sovath. The concert is free to the public; the sales of the DVD or CD cover the costs.
MTV EXIT Concert Preap Sovath took part in MTV EXIT Concert in Phnom Penh on December 12, 2008. The concert is part of a campaign to raise awareness to end exploitation and human trafficking in Asia.

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Music of Cambodia

The background music of Cambodia comes both from traditions dating back the traditional Khmer Empire and in the rapid Westernization from the popular music scene in modern occasions.

Folk and classical music

Cambodian Artwork tunes is very motivated by historic sorts in addition as Hindu sorts. Spiritual dancing, lots of which depict tales and historic myths, are popular. Some dances are accompanied by a pinpeat orchestra, which incorporates a ching (cymbal), roneat (bamboo xylophone), pai au (flute), sralai (oboe), chapey (bass banjo), gong (bronze gong), tro (fiddle), and many varieties of drums. Each individual motion the dancer may make refers to the unique strategy, together with abstract principles like at this time (pointing a finger upwards). The nineteen fifties observed a revival in classical dance, led by queen sisowath Kosmak Monyrat

Popular music

Cambodian pop tunes, or fashionable tunes, is divided into two groups: ramvong and ramkbach. Ramvong is gradual dance tunes, when ramkbach is carefully linked to Thai folks tunes. With the province Siem Experience, a sort of tunes termed Kantrum is well known; originating one of the Khmer Surin in Thailand, kantrum is famed for Thai and Cambodian stars like Darkie.
Fashionable tunes is often introduced in Cambodian Karaoke VCDs, often of an actor, actress or both equally doing the steps, often by mimicking the lyrics into the history tune by heading their mouth as though they ended up basically singing the tune. Noy Vannet and Lour Sarith are a lot of the fashionable singers who sing the songs for use when using the Karaokes often of your songs composed by Sin Sisamouth or many others, on top of that into the songs sung and composed by Sin Sisamouth himself.

Popular music singers

Famed Cambodian singers include things like: the pretty famed composer/singer Sinn Sisamouth, Ros Sereysothea, Pan Ron (both equally of them remaining Sin Sisamouth's most important singing companions) and existing day singers: Noy Vannet, Meng Keo Pichenda and Lour Sarith.
Other Cambodian singers include things like Chhet Sovan Panha and Preap Sovath.

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List of Cambodian songs

Just the songs with exact information and facts, with regard to calendar year of launch and artist, are detailed. Also, remember to notice which the listing predominantly is composed of Pre-Khmer Vermeil songs. Remember to get into thought that Sin Sisamouth sang much more than two,000 songs with the nineteen fifties up right until 1975 and that only a part of his do the job is detailed. On top of that, only originals are detailed; no remakes or handles are detailed. There are actually 100s of other songs with the eighties, 1990s, and 2000s but documents are inaccurate.

1941NokoreachChuon Nat2:23National Anthem used in Cambodia's life with a break between 1970–1993
1955Vietnam WarUnknownFor Vietnam War
1955Totea Yom ChlongChuon VannaOriginal Version
1957Pka KabassMao SarethLater re-released by Pan Ron in the early 1970s.
1960Taup Teuk PnaekSinn Si SamouthElvis Summer Kisses Winter Tears
1960Krouy Lea Neh KhumSinn Si SamouthChinese influenced
1961Pkay SnaeSinn Si Samouth and Huoy MeasComposed by King Norodom Sihanouk
1962Sombot Kraom KnouyMao SarethWith this song, she is considered to be the first Cambodian female singer to record a female solo.
1962Tuk Pnaek Oun Leu Troung BongSinn Si Samouth1st release
1962So Somlaeng Pleang TleakSinn Si Samouth
1963Chompa BatdambongSinn Si SamouthKnown as the first Sinn Si Samouth song to ever catch audience attention.
1963Koh TralIm Song Seum
1964Retrey Dael Bahn Juop PheakSinn Si Samouth
1964Phnom PenhSinn Si Samouth
1964Tngai Jreal JraeSinn Si SamouthCover of the Animals' "House of The Rising Sun"
1965Knong Phnom AnuksavarySinn Si Samouth and Huoy Meas
1965Dong Stung PursatSinn Si Samouth
1965Yup Nis dontrey ProrkumSinn Si Samouth and Huoy Meas
1965Bopha La'o SrossSinn Si Samouth
1965Sakrava Oh Na Pka RumjaekSinn Si Samouth
1965Konsaeng NisaiIm Song Seum
1965Omtuk Leun LoySinn Si Samouth and Ros Serey Sothea
1965Bong Srolanh Oun Punmaan DaelRos Serey Sothea
1965Oun Nov Rung JamRos Serey Sothea
1965Euy Nek Onkor Srov TmeySinn Si Samouth and Ros Serey Sothea
1965Saravann Chnam TemySinn Si Samouth and Huoy Meas
1965Peil ReatreySinn Si Samouth and Huoy MeasComposed by King Norodom Sihanouk
1965Prey ProsittSinn Si Samouth and Huoy MeasFrom the classic movie written and directed by the King himself.
1966Loloke Nhee ChmoleMeas Hok Seng
1966Srolanh Steu LaepSinn Si Samouth
1966Stung KhievRos Serey SothearRos Serey Sothea's first hit
1966Batt OunSereyvuthPresent existence along with his later work Ahny.
1966Arom RompeupHuoy MeasSwan Lake
1966Pleang Tleak Srechj SrechjHuoy MeasJapanese song cover
1967Chnam MunIm Song SeumOriginal Version
1967AhnySereyvuth2:02Original Version later sung by Sinn Si Samouth.
1967Keng Tao Keng TaoRos Serey SothearFrom the movie Pao Chouk Sar
1967Neavea ChivitSinn Si Samouth
1967Kok Heu Ta AengHuoy Meas
1967Chet MadaiPan Ron
1967NukIm Song SeumIncomplete
1967Suom Smok Nung PdeyRos Serey SothearFrom the movie "Preah Tinavong"
1967Chet Et KlumsaHuoy MeasFrom the movie "Preah Tinavong"
1967Choul Oun Mdech BahnSinn Si Samouth and Ros Serey Sothear
1967Chet Nao AlaiSinn Si SamouthCover of Bee Gees "Massachusetts"
1967Pbruot Tao Na snaeSinn Si SamouthCover of The Matadors' "Winter Shade of Pale"
1968Bong Dau Knog PreySinn Si Samouth
1968Yoke Pdey Thor Kdao JetSinn Si Samouth
1968Oun Pong Cheu Ku VeasnaRos Serey Sothear
1968Konthraet Thong VongSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1968Athitvongsa SisoriyavongSinn Si Samouth
1968Preah ChinavongSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1968Chong Ban Konsaeng SorSinn Si Samouth & Huoy Meas
1968Boh ChoungSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1968Trorp Kuop JendaSinn Si Samouth
1968Tuk Pneik Oun Dael Srok Leu Troong BongSinn Si Samouth
1968Nao Tae SonkumSinn Si SamouthCover of the Beatles' "Hey Jude"
1968Meul Teuk RolokeSinn Si Samouth
1969Kyong Kdok Thuk JunSinn Si Samouth
1969Sronoss Touch YuomSinn Si Samouth
1969Bompei TepsodachanSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1969Akara LohetSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1969Neak Na Min Sane (Who Doesn't Love)Sinn Si SamouthKhmer cover of the Archies' "Sugar Sugar"
1969Sdach Domrey SorSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1969Ouy Oun Oss JetMao Sareth
1969Chivit Kong KamSinn Si Samouth
1969Bopha Leak KluonSinn Si Samouth
1969Pross Somlanh ChetRos Serey Sothear
1969Ta JujuokRos Serey Sothear
1969Baek Ka'oumRos Serey Sothear
1969SonySinn Si Samouth
1969Choup Kung Nung Oun Teat TaoRos Serey Sothear
1969Teuk Ho Chngai TaoSinn Si Samouth
1969Chnang Jass Bay ChnganhRos Serey Sothear
1970National Anthem of Khmer RepublicUsed as national anthem
1970Duong ChivitSinn Si Samouth
1970Chomreang Eth Preang TukSinn Si Samouth
1970Chot Mai MochareachRos Serey Sothear
1970Klep Klen ChantuSinn Si Samouth
1970Stung OyadaoRos Serey Sothear
1970Chan Reas Tngai TrongSinn Si Samouth
1970Naruok LokeyRos Serey Sothear
1970Omrah Prot PdeyRos Serey Sothear
1970Pka Ongkea BosRos Serey Sothear
1970Ongkea Bong EuySinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1970Tnorm SnaeSinn Si SamouthThai movie "Mon Ruk Loog Thung"
1970Komloss Srey JoumRos Serey SothearCover of the song "Venus" by the Shocking Blues
1970Kal Oun Ruom TwistSinn Si Samouth
1970Krao Pee Roup PaoSinn Si SamouthCover of the song "Love Potion #9"
1970Veal Smao Keav KjeyPan Ron
1970Brojum Knea RuomSinn Si Samouth and Pan RonFrom the movie "Ream Chbong Yeung"
1970Khnom Chuop Srolanh min BahnRos Serey SothearCover of Elvis Presley's "I Can't Stop Loving You"
1971Tau Bong Jam Oun TaeRos Serey Sothear
1971Trey Muoy Trort PeeRos Serey Sothear
1971Tngai Trong KroluochRos Serey Sothear
1971Kropeu Knong TukSinn Si Samouth
1971Chap MeasSinn Si Samouth
1971Tomnuonh Chap MeasSinn Si Samouth
1971Kampuchea suosdeySinn Si Samouth& Ros Serey Sothear
1971Komnuoch VeayoSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1971Neary Samai ApolloSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1971Knhom Mean Ku HeuySinn Si Samouth & Pan Ron
1971Srolanh Pros SlotePan Ron
1971Cha'ung Dai OvpuokSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1971AnuksavarySinn Si Samouth &
1971Aso RumchongSinn Si SamouthFrom the movie "Vil Vinh Na Bong"
1971Vil Tam SoniyaSinn Si SamouthFrom the movie "Vil Vinh Na Bong"
1971Vil Vinh Na BongKeo MonthaFrom the movie "Vil Vinh Na Bong"
1971Oun Cheu Chet NassRos Serey SothearFrom the movie "Oun Cheu Jet Nass"
1971Penh chet tae Bong MuoyRos Serey Sothear
1971Kone KomsottRos Serey Sothear
1971Snae Chompa MeasSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1971Prolung KeriyaSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1971Nao Tae SrolanhSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1971Allo Oun Allo BongSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1971Nuk Kernh SronossSinn Si Samouth
1971Sleak Kyoll Dundop MeikSo Savoeun
1971Bong Nom Kmao RuotSinn Si Samouth
1971Knhom Dam Kae BessSinn Si Samouth
1971Tngai Na Kor SaokreeRos Serey Sothear
1971Proyatt Pdey LaengSinn Si Samouth
1971Krao Pee Rube OunSinn Si SamouthCover of the Clovers' "Love Potion #9"
1971Komloss Srey ChoumRos Serey SothearCover of the Shocking Blues' "Venus"
1971Oun Sa'at NassSinn Si Samouth
1972Jrolom Knhom HeuyPan Ron
1972Mlis Lea Jak ThongSinn Si Samouth
1972Kanha DarachanKong Phano
1972Pka KabassPan ron
1972Sronoh Mlop DuongSo Saveun
1972Romduol Dong Stung SongkaeSinn Si Samouth
1972Pamuong KotheaRos Serey Sothear
1972Hann Pnal Dai EkEng Nary & Ros Serey Sothear
1972Sra'em Dong Stung SongkaeSinn Si Samouth
1972Pka SondannPan Ron
1972Rupe Muoy Chivit PeeSinn Si Samouth & Pan RonFrom the movie "Neang Badaja"
1972Thevy Neary Mok Pee ThansuoSinn Si Samouth
1972Piano Bak KtongSo Saveun
1972Oun Chea ReymeasChuon Malai
1972Piano Bak KthongKeo Em
1972Niyol Pka KtuomSinn Si Samouth
1972A Hard Day's NightKong Pano and Pan RonCover of The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night"
1972O Sole MioSinn Si Samouth
197272 Neary SamaiSinn Si Samouth
1972Trorpeang PeaySinn Si Samouth
1972Trorpeang PeayRos Serey Sothear
1972I'm So ShyRos Serey Sothear
1972Soriya Psong SnaeSinn Si SamouthFrom the movie Pos Keng Kang
1972Soriya Psong SnaeRos Serey SothearFrom the movie Pos Keng Kang
1972Pno Neang kongreyRos Serey Sothear
1972Sahao BompotSinn Si Samouth & Pan Ron
1972Bondaet Kbong LengSinn Si Samouth & Pan Ron
1972Whenever The Flowers BloomSinn Si Samouth & Pan Ron
1972Neary BorotehSinn Si Samouth
1972Beuk Veangnong On uy Srey OnSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1972Cheat Pross KomhochSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1972A Sach Junge MadaiSinn Si Samouth
1972Jakraval Tom Tuleay ChngaiIn Yeng
1972Tngai Neh Nim Chole Pteh TaySinn Si Samouth
1972Ban Ey Pnhau OunHuoy Meas
1972Prasna 4 KorSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1972Oh Duong DaraSinn Si Samouth
1972AhnySinn Si SamouthCover of Sereyvuths' 1971 version
1972Komloss Kromom HeuhaIm Song Seum and Ros Serey Sothear
1972Konthum Tbong La'oSinn Si Samouth and Ros Serey Sothear
1973Slaw Kone OkMeas Samon and Pan Ron
1973Jeung Meik SnaeSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1973Snae Et PlichSinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1973Kom Kach Peik OunSinn Si Samouth
1973Kong Baek Ttao HeuySinn Si Samouth & Pan Ron
1973Chnam Oun 16Ros Serey Sothear
1973Than Suo SobenMeas Samon & Ros Serey Sothear
1973Panhapor Ka'uot CheamSinn Si Samouth
1973Oun Prome Pnau Pupe KayRos Serey Sothear
1973Kmao SrossSinn Si Samouth
1973Rupe Muoy Chivit PeeThet Somnang & Pan Roncover
1973Rehu Chap ChanSinn Si Samouth
1973Chompuos Srey NaRos Serey Sothear
1973Tngai Neh Knhom Nham SraRos Serey Sothear
1973Chop Jeu Heuy Srey SreySinn Si Samouth
1973Konthrem Them ThemSinn Si Samouth& Pan Ron & Ros Serey Sothear
1973Sovann MachaSinn Si Samouth
1973Yeung Lea Theang AlaiKong Phano & Pan Ron &
1973Arun SuosdeySinn Si Samouth & Ros Serey Sothear
1973Chey CycloYos Olarang5:18
1973Hao Jeung KaekVor Sarun
1973Rom Min Cha'et Tae BongPan Ron
1973Rey euy Kom YomSinn Si Samouth
1973Sombott mok PreahSinn Si Samouth
1973Sareeka Keo KauchSinn Si Samouth& Ros Serey Sothear
1973Chan KreufahSinn Si Samouth& Pan Ron
1973Rom Teang Yuop Ruom Teang TngaiSinn Si Samouth
1973Veal Euy Veal TomSinn Si Samouth
1973Prome SmakHuoy Meas
1973Rom Chongvak KomHuoy Meas
1973Edom Duong ChetSinn Si Samouth
1973Jong Bahn Ku SnaePan Ron
1973Where is My LoveHuoy Meas
1973Jah Ju AemRos Serey Sothear
1973Meik SrolassPan Ron
1973Rom Thorn Kluon Nao KmengPan Ron
1973"Get Down" Pka Oss Lom'ongPov VannaryCover of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Get Down"
1973Msel Minh Mdong TeatPov Vannary3:22Cover of The Carpenters' "Yesterday Once More"
1973I Love Petite WomanSinn Si Samouth
1973Snae Psong PraengSinn Si Samouth and Dy SavethDy Saveth 1st Duet with Sinn Si Samouth
1974Quando My LoveSinn Si Samouth
1974Sra Muoy KeoRos Serey Sothear3:24From the movie "Oun Cheu Jet Nass"
1974Ka'uot Chema Nao PailinSinn Si Samouth
1974Snaeha Choh PraengSinn Si Samouth
1974Ter Mean Mahop EySinn Si Samouth& Ros Serey Sothear
1974Chey ChateSinn Si Samouth& Ros Serey Sothear
1974Snae Preah Peay PattSinn Si Samouth& Pan Ron
1974Somlaeng Kmuoh KaPan Ron
1974Beysach KromomSinn Si Samouth
1974Pka Dael Peek Yahng SrossSinn Si Samouth
1974Konsaeng KrohomRos Serey Sothear
1974Oh DahleSinn Si Samouth
1974La'moum Heuy Na SreySinn Si SamouthOriginal version by Pov Sipho
1974Chop Kung Tao BongRos Serey Sothear
1974Chet Thet Trey AngRos Serey Sothear
1974Onluok Svay KjeySinn Si Samouth and Ros Serey Sothear
1974Who Stopped The RainRos Serey SothearCover of Johnny Fogerty's classic hit
1974Katt Sbaek JeungMeas Samon
197517 MesaKhmer Rouge17 Mesa = April 17 is the song composed by Khmer Rouge, and used as National Anthem
1976June Po Maha Chokchey Tngai Dop Prampi MesaKhmer Rouge
1976Madai Bompei KuonKhmer Rouge
1977Tosu Deumdey CheatKhmer Rouge
1992Rom CalipsoLao Sarith
1992Kromom Yum YuopYem Sokun
1992Robam KaenHum Savorn & Prom Sovuthy
1992Oun Tveu Yang NungNu Sep (Taiwanese singer)His first Khmer song, second non-Chinese song after his Thai song
1992Bai Kun Jong DaiNeng Keo Pichenda
1992Tuo Aek Kun TmeyHum Savorn
1992Oup Peang ProhuokProm Sovuthy & Hum Savorn & Oun Sophal
1992MaliBun Chanthon
1992Sa'op Pross Kohok
1993My Love For YouHum Savorn
1993Kae Jaet Deum Chnam
1993Heum KroleanHum Savorn
1993Trey Krong Trey SraeProm Sovuthy & Oun Sophal
1993Srey Na Doch KnhomHum Savorn
1993Yeakeney Jong Bahn PdeyOun Sophal
1993Kromom KromomOun Sophal
1993Propuon Jon Doch ChleungRam Reun
1993Snae Prae AhporpBun Chanthon
1993Min Plich Cheat KhmerOun sophal & Hum Savorn
1994Ttomhom Klen Ruoh JeatOun Sophal
1994Pko Luon Nuk SnaeNu Seep & Oun Sophal
1994Jong Tae Haek KamOun Sophal
1994Yum Tao Oun
1994Sra Khmer Chess ChenPai Pongrak
1994Bong Ta Snae Tae OunOun Sophal
1994Keunh Kay Kal NaLao Sarith & Meng Keo Pichenda
1994Reek Reay Chnam TmeyLao Sarith
1995Toy Jeng Ouy CngaiOun Sophal
1995Kom MokOun Sophal0:56
1995Taup Joh Taup Joh
1995Katt sok Doch ThaiOun Sophal
1995Soben Duong Jet
2001Komlos High ClassTouch SunnixChlangden 37
2001Pros Samai TmeiSuon JantaChlangden 56
2001Tuol Bai Tov SraeChoum BunyungChlangden 56
2002Jruok TrokuonPan PanitAngkorwat 39
2002Kun Ovpuk MdaiTouch Sunnix
2004Jolsa Duong JetPreap SovathRHM 44
2004Peakdei SnaeMidadaRHM 48
2004Plich Soniya SayonPreap SovathRHM 44
2004Sansaum Pka PreiPreap SovathRHM 44
2006Kaduk Nuk SnaeYung Chan KanikaSSB 9
20060.74Mooka0:00.740.74 seconds, shortest song (Lyric:Dai)
2010Help HaitiNKTV0:35

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